The Toe Posts Are Back!

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I'm trying to be charitable. Maybe Julia's feet are giving her pain today. Otherwise, I can see no reason why she's wearing her toe posts today. They really don't go with a velvet top and leggings.
I had noticed she was wearing some different foot wear this last couple of weeks and I thought the dreaded toe posts had bit the dust. I also noted she was still wearing a size SMALL yesterday when trying on a Basso Gilet but she had the grace to indicate it didn't meet at the front in fact it was about four inches too small. I only watched for a couple of minutes as I can't stand Basso for any longer than that and when I saw the price of a Faux fur Gilet I think it was £129 I was incredulous and switched off.
Toe posts with heavy winter coats is not a good look but from the way she poses and pouts she clearly thinks she looks fabulous!
Would someone please hide those hideous toe posts of Julia's so we don't have to constantly see her toes hanging over the edge like greasy chips?!Are they a "small" too? They don't even fit? I for one know what it's like to have problems wearing shoes after having treatment earlier this year, I could only wear flip flops(in the house) & my trusty Sketchers as I suffered from "squidgy feet" neuropathy. I do wish that someone would grow a pair & tell her to cover up her feet & to wear the correct size! I saw Julia on a show with Carla earlier in the week &, she looked MUCH better & SLIMMER because she was wearing a medium tunic top. She said countless times she'd gone up a size to achieve a looser fit & a small was a little snug on her chesticles. Now I'm not a fashion expert or a dressmaker but that is usually an indication that...YOU NEED A BIGGER SIZE!!If you don't like admitting you are a medium, don't say anything & cut out the label but please Julia, flatter your shape & wear a medium because you look much better.
Yes, Julia really does love herself!!

I've never seen anyone love themselves as much as Julia! If she was made of chocolate she'd eat herself! She must own one of those fabulous fairground mirrors that distort your image & make yourself look tall & slim (they are brill, I took a photo of myself looking through one years ago to make me feel better lol )
I can't watch her for more than a few minutes. Any longer and I feel nauseous. She is so full of herself and smug, such unattractive qualities. Some people have no self awareness. Unfortunately there are a few more like her on QVC.
I will admit I have used my off button on Julia a few times lately. She is so vain I feel embarrassed for her.
Can you imagine Queen Julia, Princess Jackie and Chuntley in a room together (if there's one big enough to hold their ego) preening and posing to see who's the most vain? Only one way to decide it.............fight!!. :mysmilie_13:
Those three in a room with their strange voices, so false ! I'm quite sure there is another side to all of those women.