The Weather Now?????


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Are QVC desperate to make money that they now show the weather forecast along the bottom of the screen ??

Like the BBC who now have a contracted company to provide their forecasting, are QVC getting paid to offer this new facility ? A bit odd to see the description of the product with what the weather is like in Sunderland today 😂

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Just come to post the same never seen such before is today the first day says powdered by Met Office Data
There’s also been Facebook Posts, Today On QVC, Selling Fast Today on QVC, The Weeks Big Deals, Gardening/Beauty/Diamond eek Pick of The Month & Contact Us
I’m dizzy o_O:geek::oops::rolleyes:


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I think they see themselves as a public service broadcaster and I wouldn’t be surprised if some people tune in to QVC in the way others tune in to This Morning and Good Morning Britain for their update on “the world“. As someone who is avoiding the news and hates anything political, I can almost understand it ... but hey, it’s QVC so I won‘t be doing that.


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Blimey, I wonder if they'll be doing a Press Review in the future. presenters sat in their comfy chairs discussing various items in the papers. Ali Young on beauty, Michael Perry on gardening, Ali Keenan on holidays, oh the list is endless 🤪

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.......Deb’s Flint I’ve accepted an AirB&B booking and currently having a survey on the two bed balcony apartment.
You can seen me pictured on screen now in the foreground, with the balcony apartment behind me
I will be blogging update videos later and hope to be moving in the apartment with a BALCONY in July. Data provided by All About Debs ;) :ROFLMAO:
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So she must have 2 mortgages then !!! if she's still renting out the B & B, unless she's got a bridging to cover the cost of her BALCONY apartment. Thats BALCONY !

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Did someone on here a week ago say she mentioned in an hour about a business mortgage or something like that???
Don’t think it was related to a BALCONY though perhaps not even a business BALCONY! ;):ROFLMAO:


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Thats true Vienna ! hell of an inconvenience if she has, continually up and down flights of stairs for wee wees.
I saw a post on Arsebook a week or so ago about the weather but as I hadn’t seen it I really wasn’t sure what it was about.

Another ploy to link to Ultrasun just in case it isn’t getting enough air time?

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