They are selling tea - for heavens sake!


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I have never bought from TJC but its one of the channels that I flick on to way to frequently - clearly I am easily distracted! I have gotten used to seeing all manner of non J items up for sale (you will understand that I refuse to use the word auction for any channel of this genre), BUT the latest promotion that I saw for later this week is that they will be selling tea. I mean tea! I almost want to see the presentation for the merriment!! Do they think that their customers have a need to source tea from them rather than their local supermarket, corner shop, or even a Whittard Tea if they are feeling flush.
Sorry - I need to go and spend some time in a darkened room. Tea!!
Just remarkable


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The desperation seems to be growing more and more. I. Think trying other ways of surviving is fair enough, but TJC's insistence on selling pound shop type perfume and skin care ranges makes everything else they do look even cheaper.

If TJC has a beauty lotions and potions going for silly low "exclusive TJC special prices", check for the products on eBay and Amazon. They will probably have them at the same price or less, and the Amazon reviews will probably wam you to stay clear.

So would I buy foodstuffs from them? Nope. And I love tea.


I think Amit would sell his grandmother if he could make a few quid out of it!

I get my tea from Waitrose, so shan't be buying any from TJC.


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I cant agree with everything in your post. Firstly, the tea did seem a rather strange item, however it sold very well and was similar to ones i have seen at airports, secondly if i lived in a country where i couldnt get tea i might be rather glad if a relative sent me some as a gift. I was also able to buy sarah jessica parker sample perfume to try as perfume of any decent brand is rather expensive here, i live in Seville, Spain, i dont consider it pound shop perfume, it was handy for me to try and considerably cheaper than on ebay and amazon. I dont know about the skin cream as some of it like the ceteum seems rather expensive to me. I dont like alot of what they sell but its horses for courses, i guess if it sells well they will sell it regardless of what others think.

mr tom

A new era? same old sh#t.
It is the bid tv model of selly telly, the decision makers will milk maximum profit from a poor product, knowing full well it will eventually go bad, but will then simply move on to the next shopping channel, which will happily take them as I am guessing experience is in short supply.

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