This 'How much we are scheduled to lose on this item' crap


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Really starting to get cheesed off with this ploy. Clipboard and pen at the ready then firing off all these items they're gonna lose on......£500 on this, £1000 on this etc etc. Probably based on the over inflated start price rather than what it actually cost them.

I personally think this is misleading information and could land them in bother with the ASA

This bugging anyone else?
In some cases it's likely to be true that they ARE losing money but only by a tiny amount which they can recoup via the profit margin derived from the 'postage' charge and the phone call(s), but I bet that there has been several instances of blatant lying knowing full well that they're unlikely to ever be specifically challenged in relation to individual item(s) sold.

Anyway, it has been the case that they have sold (for example) 10 Sony laptops for £10 each (+postage and phone call), but then sold 250 "gold tone" necklaces at £20 a necklace; 250 x £20 = £5000 (plus P&P and phone calls), and I bet that the necklaces cost 20p each in bulk from China (£0.20 x 250 = £50), which makes for a cool £4950+ profit which more than compensates for the losses made on the laptops.