Thorntons Chocolates TSV 25/11/12


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Thortons themselves have some on 3 for 2 and some for half price. Home Bargains also have the Classic Dark collecton in for £3.99. It's £7.99 at Thorntons.


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Tesco is selling the large trays for £6 & £10


that's why I was wondering as when I was in a local Thorntons the other day they had a massive box of continental for £9.99 instead of £19.99. I was thinking weight for weight you may only need two big boxes to balance out? However, not so good if you wanted the TSV for splitting into pressies tho. Thanks as always for the heads up SCW


Does anyone know if Thorntons are OK for coeliacs? Thanks.


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Hotel Chocolat are better though ;o)


My mother in law, god love her, keeps sending us boxes of Thorntons chocolates (to Australia!). Firstly, we can get them here, secondly, Australia post like to play footie with the post before they deliver it so the boxes are inevitably in bits by the time they get here and thirdly, their chocolate is pants! We were talking to her when we first moved here about Aussie chocolate being vile and how good British chocolate is like gold dust, hence why she keeps sending Thorntons, doesn't quite hit the spot!

On an unrelated note, I found out recently that when my Irish family name was being translated into English by the Brits they came up with two versions. One which is my family name and the other (which is completely different) is Thornton. Wonder if I should have shares in the company... not that I'd really want them!


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Our local Thorntons has become a outlet, most items half price

"Tesco is selling the large trays for £6 & £10 "

They wont be continental ones tho ?


My local Thorntons became an outlet store too. At least 10% off everything with bargains on bigger boxes. I don't regard Thorntons to be a luxury brand of choccies, I like their stuff but it's on a par with Cadbury or Nestle, more of a 'open a box on a Friday night for the family' than a treat.

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My local one is now an outlet too. Always. lots of offers and even better ,samples at the till.. Thorntons stopped being a luxury brand when they started producing the lesser quality boxes for the supermarkets.
The continental range that is only available in the Thornton shops is still gorgeous imo.


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15% off orders on Thorntons' website using the code XWFT until the end of Sunday 25th November. They also have some offers on hampers so combining the two makes for some decent bargains. I ordered a family hamper for £30 instead of £45 and got another £4.50 off.


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I like Thorntons chocolates and would be very pleased to receive them as a gift, but I don't know why anyone would buy them from QVC when Thorntons are on many high streets, have a good online ordering facility, and can be bought in many supermarkets.


I've just been told that the TSV price is £26.78 plus £4.95 postage so that is £31.73 for a total of 1.285kg of choccies.

Tesco have a big box of Thorntons Continental which is 597g for £10.00

So that is £20.00 for 1194g in Tesco ... or £31.73 on QVC for 1285g ... I know they are splitting there's into five boxes so its more "giftable" and could well be on Easy Pay, but come on £11.73 more on QVC for only an additional 91g ... I don't think so. Sorry QVC!


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I'm not keen on the Continental range but I do like some of the other chocs they do I also like M&S chocs. In fact when I think about it I will eat almost any chocolates and that can be seen in my waistline lol. I have just had to open a box of Lily O'Briens we got with Champagne as a gift and they are quite yummy too.

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