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Apr 27, 2009
Its about time Tiana B got real with British sizing.

Ok, they state a size 20 but no way do they actually FIT a size 20. In fact this range is useless for plus size, and really should not be modelled by a plus size model. Just watched the very pretty plus size girl wearing a maxi dress which touched where it fitted; the small sleeves were so tight I thought her blood supply would be cut off, and when she turned around it did no favours at all pulling across her backside.

Ronnie Nicole is another range that has no idea after all these years of what British sizing is all about. Sizing up in 1" increments for busts is ridiculous. With all the very large ladies in the U.S you'd think they'd have sussed out hip and bust ratio by now !
Don't get me started!

The last TB I ordered was 5ins, yes 5, smaller when measured in comparison to those on the website. Q's answer to this was that they are approximate but dear God surely approximate is stretching it (no pun intended)

My other gripe is when the sizes go up in small increments and then in my choice suddenly jump up 6 inches.
A few years back they used to size Tiana B in XS, S, M, L, XL etc at which point the plus sizes weren't too bad. When they switched to using 8, 10, 12 and so on, this changed. Essentially they dropped a couple of the larger sizes.
The Tiana B lady (Joanne I think) always looks awful in the clothes. I'm not a plus size but I find their sizes odd as they fit in the body but very big up top or the other way around, fit the bust but too small everywhere else. Maybe it's just me that's odd shaped. I think a range like Marla Wynn is better suited to a bigger size - Marverine looked really nice one time when she was presenting a show with Marla. Everything fitted properly and I think that's the key to looking good whatever size you are.

Yep, agree with all of that.

Just watching Ronni Nicole, and as predicted the bust sizing is up by 1" at a time. There appears to be an awful lot of back zips in her collection this time, well, for us that live on our own with no help to do them up, then there will be an awful lot of sweaty women fighting their way in AND out of these frocks !!!!!
I noticed earlier that the measurements are weird.I wouldn't order as the chances of getting something to fit would be a lottery.But that goes for most clothing ranges on Q!
Tiana B used to be my favourite brand on Q but their sizing and materials have changed significantly over the last two years.

The cut is much smaller now and the material is a lot thinner and has less stretch.

I have had so many compliments when wearing some of the older dresses and they have stood the test of time. I have given up on the brand now as the material is just not great quality any more and, even with a full underslip, is too see through for work.

Such a shame.
I agree with Tiddly that the ranges all seem to be cut much smaller. Ronni Nicole and Kim & Co definitely - possibly I have put on weight but I don't think so, I just think they are cutting things much skimpier around the middle as the size that always fitted doesn't any more. All the old dresses I have still fit perfectly but the newer ones I have had to size up so they don't cling around my stomach. Less fabric, worse fit but more money, hmmmmmmm.

I've gone off Tiana B as well.

Last summer I got a fit and flare lace dress. Supposed to be knee length,but the underskirt was two inches shorter than the dress.Two inches of legs showed through the lace dress.Not what i wanted and Im pretty sure it wasn't flagged up on the shows I watched before I decided to buy it.

Another way of the designers scrimping on the material .
Yes to all the above, I have some early TB and RN dresses and the quality of fabric and dressmaking is far better than recent returned orders. But why can't QVC offer some slightly longer dresses? I'm only 5' tall but in terms of proportion I know I look better in a midi length dress. But even an inch below the knee would be something! I've had some great dresses from Kim & Co (patterns permitting I'd buy more). I bought this dress in September when it was an OTO and it's one of my favourites: http://www.qvcuk.com/webapp/wcs/sto...word=127319&uattrmb=&ddkey=http:CatalogSearch

It might not be everyone's choice but if only QVC would just vary the dresses they offer!
On the RN show, Ouida did say she was asked for some longer lengths. Unbelievable ! surely as a designer it cant have escaped her notice that all her frocks were too short for a British audience !!!! - especially the age group that watches Q. Even on the taller models they just about cover their modesty !

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