Titanic tanzanite tales


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Jan 25, 2011
I do wish the management at TJC would check their facts before allowing their presenters
to make wild, sweeping statements which can be checked for authenticity.
Thus far, on four different occasions we have heard that the gem in the film "Titanic",known as "The heart of the ocean" was actually a tanzanite because they
couldn't find a sapphire of the right size and quality!!!! Let's forget, for a moment that
the storyline has it as being "a rare blue diamond" wrenched from the crown of a long
defunct or decapitated French king having been stolen from Persian coffers centuries
earlier - historically Titanic went down in 1912 and blue zoisite was discovered in the
1960s. Furthermore, how likely is it that a genuine jewel of that calibre would have been
used on a filmset when it could be replicated in a way that didn't require it to be
accompanied by a minder each time it's prescence was needed? Wonder, might it have
been auctioned off or dismantled?
The other TTT with which the regale us is that the trilliant cut was devized especially
for the tanzanite. According to my references the design is accredited to the Asscher
brothers who were working in and around 1900.
Best wishes from Springflower

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