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I bought my husband a set of amber cufflinks from TJC. They looked really nice and a good colour on screen - what arrived was totally different. They are green/almost black and the invoice had a different code scribbled above what I presume I should have received. A bit like ordering a red top and being sent a blue one. I phoned TJC "customer service" and explained what had happened and was told to return the item and put a copy of the postage receipt inside the package. Obviously the person I spoke to has never done this as the package is usually labelled up and put into the post bag. There is no photocopier at my post office. Why don't TJC send out a returns label and save the customer the hassle when we are sent the wrong item or faulty one?

I have spent thousands of pounds with this firm over the years but I don't feel a valued customer. TJC's "that'll do attitude" has been a real turn off. I had an item missing from a package. I phoned TJC customer service and was told the item would be sent - that was weeks ago and nothing ever arrived. I am going to write to the CEO. Does anyone know the address other than the PO Box on the return label?


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Yes i have said this before, the returns policy leaves a lot to be desired and the call centre are never really that interested in helping, more about ticking boxes than solving problems. And as for the refund on postage, it is a joke!

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I agree regarding TJC's return policy! I have always had to chase up postage refund even though I enclose a PO receipt . MY PO always gives me a duplicate receipt which I put in the returns package.

I asked for CS managers e mail addy via e mail and chat recently, guess what they can't give out this information. What a joke!!! E mail has been forwarded to the correct department, still waiting for CS manager to reply!

Gone are the days when you got personal service and were valued as a customer. Still remember Mike, how he had a big input in selecting a ring for me when the first one arrived damaged/faulty.


Maybe your cufflinks were an "Amit spishell dill" and are not covered by guarantee!

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