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So Mr Akimbo reads a non-shopping forum and they have a shopping thread and so I thought it might work well here. Back in the early noughties when this was more of a fan site there was more discussion of recent purchases; now the overriding impression is that no one buys anymore.

So for those who, like me, are still buying things from QVC, what have you bought lately?

If you've been suckered into ordering a wacky "not on the high street" gadget I'd love to know what drew you in? I still fall for it sometimes; if it seems a great idea and I really want it to work just as they claim on screen. Mostly I buy repeat items when an on-screen bundle is great value for stuff I already use.

For saying two "Frank Ushers" and a "Hail Mally" you will receive complete absolution for the occasional lemon ordered.

I've had mixed success recently. I ordered water feature for our garden that was in Last Clicks. It was perfect for the spot on our patio, was really weighty and well-made, mains powered and in fully working order and was under £100. We'd seen similar for four times the price in local garden centres. What went wrong? The chunky plug! We have weather proof sockets around the garden with a lid that seals over plug. We couldn't plug it in and close the lid! We looked around for a bigger outdoor socket but with no luck. Sadly we had to return it, collected and refunded within 14 days. More successfully I ordered the Doll10 lippy TSV in September and a set of 5 It Cosmetics brushes reduced to £30 which I'll keep as a back up set for me or as an emergency present.

Go on! What have you had from QVC lately? This is a safe space, no judgement! ;)
Mr L bought a security camera 2 weeks ago but he isn’t well so it’s still in the box but I think it will probably go back like the last one he tried.

I bought an Eek ring exactly the same as one I purchased earlier in year but in a different colour but for some reason it’s not really doing it for me as much as I hoped but possibly that is due to lockdown blues.

Mr L wanted a root slayer spade but it sold out. We couldn’t get the Q brand anywhere (got fab reviews ) except from the likes of Australia at eye watering prices. I checked the website every day for about 2 months without luck, then he found a different brand at about twice the price and bought it. The day after, guess what, Q brought it back into stock!

I ordered a joules coat exactly the same as one I already have but in a different colour, when it arrived it was a good 2 sizes smaller.

So not a great succes


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I find if I do order something from Q it's usually something mentioned on here, found by accident on their website, Last Clicks or a repeat purchase for something used up.
I'll watch QVC on TV more to pass the time, or to watch a specific demo for a TSV at 9pm.
If anything my satisfaction rate is probably higher than in thedays when I ordered willy nilly...just to have a look at some novelty item. I was a sucker for "About the House" and "QVC Selection" hours back in the day!


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My most recent buys have been a frank usher wrap with pearly trim....really not my thing at all and ordered it when I was half asleep..and completely glad I did 'cause it's beautiful and have worn quite a few times already instead of a coat or jacket...but it'll be good with a coat and jacket too. Bell and Howell rechargeable multi height fan....amazing product, Harry Slatkin candles....again amazing, Mukluk tights...a necessity but happy with them, and a commemorative poppy brooch, which arrived today. It's pinned on my looks cute and serves a good cause. I moan about Q..But I am fussy what I buy and these last few things have been lovely.

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I took a chance on the Diamonique Pave Omega necklace, my first Eek piece from I can’t remember when.I is really very nice but the fastening is so small and difficult I think they will have many returns.I don’t want to return for this but I am giving it a try because it looks good.I am hanging my head in shame for being so frivolous!


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Yesterday was MB TSV day and I really did not like the TSV but I have quite recently tried and love their fragrances and body products ...tried them is store and it was eye opening the body oils and the body lotions are much nicer than the old days when I did not understand the chemical laden ingredients list...imo far nicer and richer and more indulgent than L'Occitane


hiding from energy vamps
I took a chance on the Diamonique Pave Omega necklace, my first Eek piece from I can’t remember when.I is really very nice but the fastening is so small and difficult I think they will have many returns.I don’t want to return for this but I am giving it a try because it looks good.I am hanging my head in shame for being so frivolous!
Magnetic clasps! I have a few, some from QVC and more recently from Avon (far cheaper). As long as they fasten well they shouldn't fall open while you're wearing your necklace. It might be worth seaching on Amazon or ebay for a cheap one to try?


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Judith Williams hypnotised me and I bought the collagen TSV whilst under her spell. It was AWFUL. Made my skin tight ( not in a good way) and sore. The eye cream made my eyes swell and itch like mad, so back to QVC it’s gone!


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I also bought the Doll 10 tsv, didn't need any of the items, but am really pleased with the colours, and quality, apart from that I have only bought the odd Elemis and LE tsvs, oh and the L'occy handwash one, my days of buying something every few weeks from Q are long gone, thank goodness

I love the mascara, only need one coat and the lipsticks are nice too, Elemis pcmc and Blink security system.


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I bought the Cozee Home TSV and the small version of the Father Christmas in the photo. That’s all I’ve bought from QVC recently.

I looked at the battery storage boxes, but found a similar one on Amazon which was cheaper with free P&P so bought it from there.


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Not having a clue what to buy my 65 year old bro for xmas, I plunged and bought the L'Occitaine tsv for men.

The lilac Emu boot had sold out, so went on Amazon, no luck there either, but found a BearPaw similar brand, and in pale blue, so bought them - last pair in my size. Soooo happy !!


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I bought the Cozee TSV but still waiting, got a large heated overblanket as well which the dog has already claimed and covered in hair :mad: and (despite not in not buying mode, hah) I bought another of the MW shirt blouse thingy in a berry colour as it was still on special offer and I really like the tea rose one I bought weeks ago. No more!

I had my eye on those L'occitane christmas crackers as I think there will be 4 ladies at mum's for dinner this year (all being well). Would be a nice little treat.


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We have 4 blink cameras and with out neighbours* they have been worth their weight in gold!

*They are dim sociopaths and someday I'll write a sitcom or a horror story depending how it all pans out!

I bought the Blink as we have some of those, too. It goes well with the Ring doorbell which has already seen off two lots of suspect characters in the last year.

I also repurchased a tube of SFixx S Bond. It can be a pain to get out of the can but it saved our roof. It was leaking water so badly it was running down the wall. OH went up into the attic, found the leak and squirted this stuff all over it even though the water was still pouring in. Within seconds the leak was sealed and we've not had a problem since. Touch wood!

Not bad for something I bought on a whim as it looked like it might come in handy one day. It's since been used to bond loose coping stones, seal a gutter, stick several things up and a few more uses. It also comes in the gun version if people with a gun fancy it.


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In the summer I bought the mini Bose speaker cheaper on Q than amazon even with p&p, Tili boxes, Shay and Blue 3 minis which were £28.95 plus p&p but was £65 on their own website, that was last week.

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