TomTom Go 400 TSV 22/03/14


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Hi Tech tsv 22/03/14

Anyone know what this is?


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From Dale's blog.....
Saturday's TSV, which is a new model featuring 3D graphics from leading Sat Nav specialists TomTom - It's the TomTom GO 400. It features interactive mapping and Lifetime TomTom Traffic (smartphone connected) and much more.
As you might expect it's a wonderful offer from QVC and a significant saving for customers on the day and we're including a dedicated case into the offer.
Mixed reviews on Amazon..
Not for me :yawn:


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I was looking to upgrade my current Tomtom but don't understand what the smartphone live traffic is all about. I have live traffic on the Tomtom I have at the moment and rely on it a lot so wouldn't want anything that wasn't included on the unit itself. Very naughtily, as I thought I was going to buy a new satnav today, I have ordered instead the MacBook Pro !!


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the tomtom you have now crinklecut has a built in sim card and connects to the system via vodafone network , the new one needs to be connected to your own smartphone and uses your data allowance, the good thing is its free for life as the one you have now costs around £50 a year subscription

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