Travel Solutions TSV 20/03/20


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Somewhere to keep your stockpiles of food and bog roll I guess!!! And I can't get over the ads for holidays right if anyone would book a holiday unless it was to Antarctica, and even then good luck on getting a flight!
Normally the TSV takes up the top third of the page when I go on to Q but I see this morning its not there (replaced by easy pay) although it is still there when you go to previous on air items.

Dont tell me someone has actually realised how crass an idea this was.


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I’ve just received it too. Yes it was I’ll advised. I wonder with so many know all presenters didn’t any one of them think of questioning the appropriateness of this TSV? Maybe they did..............who is managing things there?


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Ironically that treadmill TSV a week or so ago is actually more appropriate... Or a MB or L'Occy hand wash TSV... And especially an ABC one. Q have lots of brands that would have been a better idea. Or an Alexa or other device which can be used for hands free interaction.

They seem to be tone deaf to current events as well as not acknowledging them on air.

It shouldn't be that difficult!!


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they order the TSV many months in advance ...oh well!


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Our TSV’s and shows are planned months in advance. There clearly was an opportunity for us to be more sensitive matching our offer to the current environment (which was understandably reflected in your feedback).

We clearly missed the mark here and will learn from this. Though we’re not always perfect we will strive to get better from our mistakes and aim to provide the most engaging shopping experience with offers that are right for you. If you have already placed an order this will of course be fulfilled.

Rob Muller, CEO

Is the last sentence they expect to cease trading in the coming weeks? Opposite statement to the sentence before.


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I think they mean that those who have ordered the TSV will receive it.

Millie's Mum

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This was in connection with the Hays luggage TSV last week. There was lots of negative feedback because people weren't able to go on holiday.


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The only use for a suitcase right now would be a "just in case" case for vulnerable people who think they have developed symptoms.

Or do they think everyone will have a holiday by swapping sleeping in one room as opposed to another (obviously not applicable to anyone in a one room dwelling).
I think up until 2 weeks ago people thought that holidays would not be abroad this year but would be confined to UK but it now obvious that you won’t even be able to camp in the local park.

I will have lost a good bit of money on deposits for later on the year but that’s the least of anyone’s worries. Health over wealth any day.

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