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Been a while since I posted (February!!!) and not heard a thing since that phone call with Andy. So anyone know if these treatments are still being checked out now Steve is back in the driving seat? I would particularly like to know about my 'Majestic' Emerald from Zambia, Black Opal from Lightening Ridge and Alexandarite.

Opal - I know it shouldn't be other forum members who answer for GemsTV but I hope I can help here. Before Steve took over, official word from GemsTV was that all their Alexandrite (bought before about 2008 I think) was natural - so nothing to worry about there if yours was one of those purchased a while ago. Also their Opals have always been sold as natural and NOT doublets or triplets. Again I know this applies to the older items but I haven't got a clue about newer items. In terms of the Majestic Emerald, I don't have any concrete proof but I'm pretty certain they're either dyed or filled (sorry and I hope I'm wrong). I'm pretty sure somebody was told this when they enquired- if you've got a spare few days, track back through this thread to see if you can find anything.


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Thanks Meeshoo - I'm really hoping that your answer is correct as the emerald was bought for sentimental reasons and didn't cost mega amount. Was really alot more concerned about the opal as the local jeweller looked at it, refused to value it and said it was doublet which has had me wondering ever since. He also warned me away from internet jewellery shopping (as he would!) He really didn't have anything good to say about any of the pieces I took in to be valued except that some of the settings were very good quality.

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