Trevor Baylis dies.


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Aged 80; didn’t know he had crohns disease. I remember watching him, with his wind up radio, on QVC.
Got to feel a bit sorry for the guy. He could have made millions from his invention, but for a legal loophole.

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I do vaguely remember the wind up radio being invented - not sure if it was from watching Tomorrow’s World or if it was something I used to sell a loonnnnng time ago in Dixon’s?!?!
Either way - he made an impact positively on this world, and although he may never had made his fortune I do hope he is remembered for what he achieved.
Crohn’s Disease is an awful debilitating disease that I have lost a family member to, so any of you going through it, I wish you well xxxx
I know it probably seems a bit old hat now but we had several (probably still do) at various places in house, shed and car in case of power cut without the faff of looking for batteries. Good for camping.


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Trevor Baylis may not have made a ton of money from his invention, but I expect his personal stock of goodwill from all those people who benefited from his invention would make him a goodwill billionnaire.

You can often read articles about people who have made simple inventions to make the lives of other people immeasurably better - I don't think his invention was labelled Jugaad at the time, but I'm sure it would be if it was invented now.


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I've got one of his radios. I bought it in case there was ever a power cut but luckily have only needed to use it once.

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