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I bought the Ojon too - once. I HATED the smell, and my hair felt 'claggy' afterwards. I don't buy anything with Teatree in either, - again the smell puts me off.

I gave up using conditioners a year ago because I found the brands found in the supermarket were not 'strong' enough. So I started buying the thicker hair 'masks' from TKMaxx, regardless of brand I slap them on after shampooing, and my hair has never been better, and no more split ends.


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As for the 'after' publicity shots of those ladies with the mile high hair. Dear Lord who wants to look like that ??? positively scary ! and c'mon, its all big rollers, mousse and hair spray to get that Ken Dodd look !


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Any hairdresser can do a big bouncy blow dry like that, regardless of what products are used. (Speaking as a retired hairdresser) I agree the after shots look scary,especially the older woman with the shock of grey/white hair. Is it an American thing?


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Well, they DO look like American models, and anyway no self respecting British woman would dare to be pictured like that.

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I've just rediscovered Aveda Sap Moss! :love: 20% off at JL
My hair feels and looks better than it has for ages.
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