Unexpected praise for TheDX


If it sparkles - grab it
Having requested redelivery of an item today, I wasn't really expecting to receive it because of the snow... after all, the post hasn't even been for two days.

So imagine my surprise when the doorbell rang, and it was TheDX man, having waded through a foot of snow to my door, with my package from TJC!


VIP Shopper
I Wish i could agree with the praise MissM, but DX haven't even attempted delivery of a parcel that should have been with me on Tuesday.


If it sparkles - grab it
I normally HATE TheDX with a passion, because they won't deliver to a neighbour if I'm out, but I'm not going anywhere just as the moment! I still wish TJC would change their delivery company, but at least my particular delivery man deserves a thumbs up.

Bought a multi-gem pendant, Gemcherub - it's going back! Nothing wrong with it; just don't love it enough.


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Hi MissM, that's fantastic news. Glad you've had a good experience with them for a change!

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