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I have been a customer of TJC since the beginning and I have to say the service as of late has been far less than impressive!

Firstly I ordered a loose Ruby gemstone Oct 17.4 x 10.80mm 16.280 Cts. When the item arrived a week later, the gem box had been opened and resealed with a loose Ruby that was 13 x 13mm. Trying to get through to the call centre on an 0844 number during the hours of 9-6 when I'm at work and being told there are 10 people in front of you to wait 10 minutes for there to be 8 people in front of you is not good enough! Now I have never found the call centre very apologetic or sympathetic its normally a simple yes/no response. Obviously I was going to send the item back for a replacement but couldn't as the item was out of stock! I was told I would get my postage back after sending in proof. I didn't realise I had to call them to tell them I had sent in the proof to get it back! I decided instead of a refund to have a credit to my account so I can spend it on my next purchase.

On Saturday the 15th February I ordered 5 items online and checked my basket out. I noticed that the £7 credit was not there, so after calling the call centre and waiting for 10 minutes again on an 0844 number I was told that they can't take this off my account as its a voucher code and I've already checked out. Therefore they gave me the code to use next time. Why they could not have done this in the first place is beyond me! Anyway so its Thursday now and I still have not been invoiced for the order. I call the call centre again to be told they are not sure what the problem is and will call me back. So about 17:50 I get a call saying that all the items have now been dispatched and will be with me shortly. As this is a birthday present which I need for Tuesday 25th I'm hoping it will arrive on time now due to delivery taking 3-5 working days.

Then I get an email today 21.02.14 to say they have received the returned item and a refund will be with me shortly. Being as they dispatched everything and the parcel had left the building yesterday this was very bazar! Therefor I call them AGAIN and am waiting in the queue, to finally get through for them to tell me that the item had not passed quality control so was not sent!

This absolutely infuriates me, to be told that my parcel had left the building one day to be returned the next day is absolutely ridiculous, I would not have minded if this was any other occasion but the fact its for a present which I had ordered well in advance really gets on my nerves!

I've had enough of TJC now I'm going to Gems TV to find some matching Ruby earrings quick before Tuesday!


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Stop ringing the 0844 unless you get that free as part of your calls package. Email instead as they do reply and at least you then have proof of what was said. However, this is not of great help if you are in a hurry!

I havent bought from TJC in quite some time and particularly since they got their new American boss. They now largely sell tat and if I wanted to buy tat, I can buy elsewhere without the postage charge.

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