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Jun 24, 2008
I managed to find out her address and we went there this morning it was on the ground floor and I could see which was her flat immediately by the purple curtains. I looked through window and the place was a filthy derelict mess. I buzzed but no reply then got through via trades bell. I hammered on door and looked through letter box could only see an unholy mess. I went outside and buzzed flat opposite and old guy answered I asked if he'd seen Tracey and he told me she'd passed away 2 weeks ago and I tried to ask more and he cut me off mid sentence so I left. So ****** sad, I broke the news to her fella in Egypt who's refusing to believe it and wants me to do more. I said I can do no more but if I hear anything about funerals or anything in the press I will let him know. Sad end to a sad life Rip girl¬

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