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Jun 24, 2008
Has anyone else tried using these?
I was piling on the weight (again) so I decided to try a non surgical lipo. It was supposed to be painless but unfortunately it was one of the most painful things I have had done to me (perhaps just bad technique??) so I did not sign up for another course.. Anyhoos, the shop also did the vibration plates and they were really busy so I though I would give them a go. In the first fortnight,following a low carb diet I lost 11lbs. Fantastic!
I then stopped the low card eating and continued with the plates . Now after nearly 4 weeks of daily use I have only lost another pound but I am down a dress size and can get into loads of my clothes that were too small,.Fantastic!
Unfortunately there seems to be different types of plates as I found out yesterday. My usual place has closed for a holiday so I signed up for another place as I want to keep it going but their plates dont have the same strong vibrations so I am not too sure if they will be as effective.
Hopefully it will tide me over till my usual place opens again.
Might be worth a try for others:nod:
I just bought the vibrapower blockbuster from IW, not for weight loss initially, but because some medication I was on has left me with weak leg muscles and I am trying to build them back up. A relation who is a physio says these do work through resistance so I have my fingers crossed for success.
Old thread, but I bought one of these a few months ago on the rec of a physio.

I can't do traditional exercise as I don't walk well and struggle on a cross trainer after a minute due to my toes clawing.

However, I can do 10 minutes quite well on one of these and getting off it I feel lighter and find it easier to walk for a short while. I also sit on it and do stretching exercises. It does make me feel better, though I admit I should be doing it on a more regular basis.

I haven't lost any weight, but I am trying to eat healthier - when I get into the swing of that, I'll start cutting down. I also fancy trying the 5:2 diet.

I have balance problems and can actually build a bit of a sweat on just standing on this as I do find it quite hard work, especially if I use the program that alters the speed, so it must be doing something.
I must admit that I'm not convinced by these vibration plates....I found the "work out" extremely tedious and saw absolutely zero results, nor did I feel any better for using it!
I bought one last year from IW, it's like doing a Bodyblade workout only the machine does the work for you. I got it tone my upper arms and it did work. :mysmilie_14:شركة-اعمار-دبي-وظائف/نتائج-سباق-الخيل-اليوم-المغرب/
I bought one at the start of the first lockdown. I found it boring just standing on it and I can’t say it did anything for me. I still have it, but bought a Reviber exercise machine instead which I use religiously every day. I can sit watching tv while using it and end up “cycling” for over 3 miles a day without leaving the house. As I have a replacement knee, it’s certainly been far more effective than jiggling about on a vibration plate.

If you are interested in buying a vibration plate though, Ideal World have a good deal on one at the moment.


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