Victoria Norris Heads Stateside



<img src="" border="0" hspace="5" width="300" align="right" style="width: 300px" />Victoria Norris has left the cold and wet of the UK behind her and headed stateside as "Fashion Expert" for the <a href="" target="_blank">In Fashion Network</a>, her Husband Craig joins her as Chief Operating Officer for the Network.


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Some people on TV I can imagine being exactly the same off air. Greg Scott being an example. For some reason I can't put my finger on I can't say the same for Victoria. I see in my mind her being like Krusty the Clown. The moment the go off air she sparks a smoke and is miserable! Probably wrong but what I think.


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Errmmm I'm confused. (Nothing new there!)

I clicked on 'In Fashion Network' saw blogs - there are 3 You Tube links there for Victoria Burtion/Norris all dated for July 2010. All have been 'removed by the user' including:
'Victoria's iFN Welcome Video
Victoria says "Hi!" and welcomes you to '

Another form of :movie: :giggle:

So, is she still on Rocks & Co or have they moved stateside fulltime?

Is 'In Fashion Network' Rocks & Co in an American guise?

The website is a bit boring and not much stock - all very unattractive and wouldn't win me as a customer.
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It is definitely rocks and co's sister channel, the graphics are similar, lets shop, every one pays, the dollars falls of every second at the start of the auction, similar music, and don't forget everyone pays the final low price.
As its internet only at the moment like rocks tv was over here, if you watch the past auction they said they will probably go on cable and satellite later when they have grown.


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Do you think if I say something nice about her she might take a few people with her? Starting with Chloe Cole Breton Marshall, Liz Fullofherself and her old mucker Screaching Stacey? :thinking:

Now what one good thing could I say about Mrs Norris? Oh I know! Victoria I like your father-in-law, I frequently see him in The Kabin. Oh hang on, Norris is his first name and Cole's his second name..................Oh no, why does that name haunt me so much! Don't anyone tell Chloe, she's so obsessed with the name "Cole" she'll probably hire a hitman to get rid of Rita so she can have her job!

Back to the one good thing........................................emmmmmmmm Nope, sorry, looks like we're stuck with the Witches of Getonmywick for a little while longer but at least when Mrs Norris goes they'll be down from a Quartet to a Trio! Now that's progress! :mysmilie_59:


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Lots of mention of Gems TV on the previous show stream! (for inFashionNetwork)


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Is this a time for a huge rejoicing????? Does this mean it's the end of this disgraceful set-up? :beer:

It'll be interesting to know exactly how Vicky Norris has turned into a fashion guru overnight - especially considering the "let's get my bits out for the boys" tops she likes to wear, overly orange poorly applied self tan, grubby nails and overdone botox. Superb.

Talking of unlikely transitions, tomorrow I shall be appearing on demonstrating expert brain surgery using only my blinged up fingers to save lives! :grin:

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