Vionic Footwear TSV 18/4/19


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There is a Vionic Footwear TSV on Thursday 18th April.


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Be interested to know the price, as I've just had a shoe catalogue delivered, with all manner of vionic sandals for sale - great styles too, so I'll wait and see the price.


was that summer?
Be interested to know the price, as I've just had a shoe catalogue delivered, with all manner of vionic sandals for sale - great styles too, so I'll wait and see the price.
Where from Brissles? I love Vionics.


its non leather so made to be a lower price as people had been wanting non leather ones


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Vionic Orthotic Pacific Ellie Adjustable Slip On Sandal w/ FMT Technology
Item Number 175922
QVC Price £60.00
TSV Price £49.96
P&P £4.95

These Orthotic Pacific Ellie slip-on sandals from Vionic feature Foot Motion Technology for comfort, a flatform sole with deep heel cup and two adjustable straps across the top of the foot joined with a T-bar. Versatile enough to go with skirts, dresses and jeans, these sandals also boast a slip-on style that makes them the perfect accessory for all your warm weather looks.

Colour to suit you - embrace on of the hottest trends of the season and choose from a fantastic array of colourful snake print options in Tan, Gold, Navy, Pewter or Pink Metallic. However, if you fancy something less urban jungle but still vibrant then the Rose Gold option is just for you.

A name you can trust - this footwear features a podiatrist-designed, biomechanical orthotic footbed with FMT (Foot Motion Technology) and a deep heel cup, which helps to stabilise, support, and realign feet back to their natural position while being worn. Recommended by the well-known M.D Dr Andrew Weil.

American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) Seal of Acceptance
Padded lining
Hook and loop fastening to the adjustable straps
Lightweight, flexible EVA midsole absorbs shock, helping reduce stress on feet, ankles, and knees
Durable outsole with patterned tread offers good traction on a variety of surfaces
Width fitting: D standard
Fit: true to size but if you are a half size go down to the next full size
Outer: textile, inner: textile and manmade, sole: manmade
Heel height: 5cm (2")

Colour options:
Rose Gold
Tan snake
Gold snake
Navy snake
Pewter snake
Pink metallic snake


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Anyone tempted?


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I am not tempted particularly since so far they have avoided mentioning the width. The written description states they are a D fittting but this is not mentioned in the presentation. All my Vionic sandals are a wide fit so these would certainly not do. I hate the way they avoid giving out essential information like this. Perhaps they thought it was more important for the presenter to tell us where to wear them and to share with us that it’s her boyfriend’s birthday. Just give us the WIDTH!
I can’t help feeling that these omissions are deliberate because they know it will affect sales. Because I suspect they are using these sales techniques I am buying less and less from QVC on principal. QVC USA sold these in 2 width fittings.
Oh and can Simon Biagi stop shouting at me.

Dream Girl

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Any help on wide fitting shoe sites would be greatly appreciated
Many thanks DG


was that summer?
Not keen, they look a bit clumpy. I'd rather have a heel strap too. Giving them a miss, although I do like the Vionic footbed, they are very comfortable and supportive if you have any 'arch' troubles.


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I liked the look of the navy, but a D width is no good for me.

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