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I’ve just turned over ontoTJC, they are selling gold jewellery, under the descriptoon in the wee box, it now says Warranty and a price. This is new?
so you need to pay more in the hope your jewellery doesn’t fall apart?

Susie Wusie

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Yes l find it weird that they are offering a warranty on most items now. To me it
is like saying the goods are crap so you really need a warranty!


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I saw that the other day, it’s actually put me off buying anything from them now, it’s bad enough the Jewellery channel sell more tat that jewellery but now you need to but a warranty? Big no from me!!

Susie Wusie

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Well TJC l cannot believe your stupidity. This morning you were selling a Swiss diet kit of 84 cherry flavour chewies refill pack which would last 28 days and you are also offering a 1-year warranty for £3.99.
A 1-year warranty for something that would last for a month!!!!!!!! how stupid can you get?

Susie Wusie

VIP Shopper
Boy they are excelling themselves today, they're now showing an Opatra device which they said has a lifetime guarantee , but you can actually buy a 1-year warranty for £46.99!!!!!!!
Why would you when it's got a lifetime guarantee for goodness sakes!!!!!

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