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I bought a scarf from TJC & popped it in the cupboard. Thought I'd wear it earlier this week & ended up with a load of dye on my neck. At the very least I'd expect the scarves manufactured by TJC (J Francis logo) to be dye fast. Sent email to customer services but they replied that they were to busy to respond and that I should phone them. I have spent huge amounts with that company and am b*****y furious.

Beware you may be wearing elements of your TJC scarves for longer than you think.


Sounds like a scarf to dye for! Was your scarf an Amit "spishill dill?" Did the presenter say: "We really shouldn't be doing this"....."We hope the management are not watching..." etc? Did they flounder with feigned shock at how naughty they were being? Those scarves are made in cheap Indian sweatshops.

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