Well, I need a stiff drink after that shock!



Ok, so Chloe Lewis on Lounge - sorry, Outlet shift. A 7x5 Indian alexandrite solitaire, very basic basket & bail setting, that is graded as 'Included' & weighs in at a whopping 0.90g (yes, less than 1g) 18k gold. Guess how much?

£349!! ("It's never been below £500 before my darling" - oh and PLEASE STOP using your fingernails to click your way through your application. Must really mess up the screen & sets my teeth on edge!).

Well pick me up & dust me down. A tiny gem that will NOT colour change to any degree at that size & clarity in a feather weight of gold for £350? You could buy a 7mm Spanish round, brilliant cut Sphalerite in 5g of 14k gold with 26 SI graded diamonds for £499 on Rocks & Co yesterday...


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Blimey, maybe you should have a lie down whilst you down the drink, for want of a much better word, what the hell, i just cannot believe the audacity of some of the prices they are churning out, that one is a real doozy and i certainly find it hard to believe that some people will pay those prices either, have they had a frontal lobotomy.


Interesting, isn't it? You can't do 'like for like' exact comparisons but you can get damn close if you break down the components (as any valuer would do).

Gems has a pink tourmaline hour. Here's one:
Pop over to R&Co (for example, not looked at TJC or elsewhere yet) but you can see rings for less, same constituent parts. Ok, so fixed sizes but so are Gems - small size people subsidise larger size people in metal weight.

(Incidentally, I don't watch the TV channel so this is a web snap and only some of the graphics make it to the video feed. What's interesting is that the ring was £179 but the figure that shouts on the left is the Split Pay amount and the explanatory text is at the bottom on the right - where you're not immediately looking! Even the presenter had to explain - "If you're thinking what's that, what's going on...").

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