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POTW from Friday is Tonic Dies!!!!! I could scream. In fact I did, very loudly. Is there anybody out there who really needs more dies. Today we had Tattered Lace embossing folders. I have a Grand Caliber which I do use occasionally. I have a cutting machine gathering dust, just not worth messing with it, I make cards in bulk for charity and haven't the time let alone the money to buy all these dies and mess about spending 15 to 30 minutes making a card. If I did then no doubt I would need some of the expensive folders to store them in to keep them in order - when did a crafter keep anything in order? No wonder you see some craft stalls selling cards for such high prices, after they purchased all these expensive machines and dies and spent goodness knows how long making the cards. I did a quick survey of friends and they all preferred cards with flowers or animals and pretty pictures to one with a number of intricate die cut shapes piled on top of each other.

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Each to their own I think. I can see as a maker of fund raising cards you need to keep your costs low and dies can be very expensive. I like dies and I like Tonic dies but I'm very selective in what I buy. I don't like all Tonic dies and most of the Tattered Lace dies do nothing for me. I also can't afford to buy every set of dies I see. I store my dies and embossing folders in a drawer unit - I would find the folder system too frustrating having to open each folder and look through the pages. I can flick through mine quite quickly. I don't make loads of cards to sell but work colleagues do ask me to make cards for them. In the last 2 weeks I've sold one card for £6 and another yesterday for £7.50 and one of these people have asked me to make a Christmas card for their mother.
Something I do agree with you on is that C&C have far too many shows selling dies, so much so that I rarely watch now. I rely on members of the Craft Telly forum to let me know if there's anything worth watching/recording on C&C.

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