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Lovely jewellery makers - please can you help?

For Mother's Day, my 8 year old daughter made me the most beautiful wooden beaded necklace that will look wonderful in summer. However, she's threaded it on some purple stretchy thin nylon thread of some kind (the sort that you get in cheaper jewellery making sets). The problem is that the only way to wear the necklace is to tie the ends around the back of the neck. I would much rather either (a) restring onto something that can have a clasp at the ends to make it more wearable or (b) add some form of clasp to each end of this nylon thread.

What should I do please? Any recommendations would be gratefully received.


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Would the beads have a big enough hole to be rethreaded with some thin ribbon? If they would, why not get your daughter to do this and then tie the ribbon ends to a simple clasp? Maybe a copper clasp would be nice with the wood.

I could pm you with a place to get a simple copper clasp that is very pretty and inexpensive.

This would give you a solution that your daughter could do for you.
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Thank you so much Glitterbug for taking the time to make suggestions.

Also a big thank you to the lovely forum member who PM'd me with an offer to send me all the "bits" needed for the project.

As it happened, I've ordered things from Jewellery Maker that I hope will do the job - although watch this space because I'm not known for my jewellery making skills! I may have to rope my 8 year old in to help!

If it works, I'll post up photos! I've ordered thin wire, crimps (thought these for your hair lol) and a toggle clasp thingy. I already have tools so am armed and dangerous!

Thanks again. x


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The findings arrived today and I've re-threaded onto the silver wire and (really badly) put on a couple of crimps and the clasp. It's such a lovely fun summer necklace and I love that my daughter made it - so all I need is some sun now to wear it!!!



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Aww, that's very pretty Meesh, so colourful and full of fun. Your DD has chosen some lovely shaped beads, love the patterns on them. Well done to both of you. Beading is such a great pastime to share with all ages, my six year old grand-daughter loves to do some threading when the bead box stuff comes out. :happy:


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Aw that's beautiful! I love when my little ones make stuff for me, it's so special :)

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