What films/music would you consider to be a part of you? ie..make you feel nostalgic


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Sorry it this doesn't make sense at face value, but are their any films or music, or musical films that you feel are actually part of what you are?...mine are

Quadrophenia - Amazing film and soundtrack anyway, but came along when I was young and made me dress as a "mod" and appreciate 60's and mod music for about 2 years afterwards. Still love the music to this day, I find it difficult to watch the film as it's quite depressing and atmospheric

Saturday night fever - Tried 3 times to see the film when it was first released, but was still able to buy the soundtrack and dance to the music...loved the music, and when I eventually saw the film, I was blown away...even though I found it depressing, I love it, but find it difficult to watch

War of the Worlds...Jeff Wayne...friend's dad had the album and we'd listen to it at her house...I still love it to this day,so much it feels like a part of me!

Grease - Well who doesn't love Grease!

All of these films/records incidentally came out during my teenage years...Perhaps I long to be a teenager again!