What is the point of pre-ordering?


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I don't get it. Who would pre-order anything without knowing how much the item will be, even crazier checking it out? It makes no logical sense to me at all. What is wrong with putting it in your basket then dumping it when the final price is declared and not as low as expected. At least you haven't wasted any bodies time by then cancelling your order after going through the check out. I've heard presenters pleading desperately for people to secure their item by checking it out even before the auction starts...how crazy is that? I wouldn't go to the jewellers and choose a piece of jewellery and saying, don't tell me the price, I'll just pay for it anyway. Maybe somebody can explain what it's all about because there always seems to be plenty of stock if you don't pre-order, what exactly is the advantage?



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Wondered the same myself many a time. I presume it is desperation on their part hoping that you will keep whatever it is even though you may not have wanted to pay the final price. And don't get me started on their birthday celebrations. I had my eye on a pendant in clearance and when I went to order it the pendant had gone up to full price, and even with their 40% birthday code, it would have cost more to buy than when it was in the sale. Ridiculous.


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You can preorder items on Amazon before they get released, but they tell you the price and guarantee that, if the price falls in the meantime, you will pay the new lower price. But if it goes up, you will only pay the price when you ordered it.


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I think nowadays, the point of pre ordering is to make sure you get the thing you want... however some very good points are raised. There does seem to always be plenty of stock.

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