What wrong items have you received?


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I ordered the Elemis Tri-Enzyme wash in the 400ml size, they sent me the Tri-Enzyme set which was worth £20 more so I kept that! Another time I ordered Elemis again this time the Tri Enzyme discovery set to take on hols they sent me a set with full size Bliss capsules and other goodies so naturally kept that too, other than that ordered a pair of shoes in a size 7 but, they sent an 8!
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I can think of 3 occasions where I have been sent the wrong thing.

I ordered a jacket, wrong one was sent. I didn't like it and it wasn't my size. This I think was something that had been swapped by a customer as the label on the outside of the box had the correct details for the jacket I ordered. Seems to point to the fact that returns aren't checked especially with quite a few of you receiving empty boxes. I suppose there are some people who have the front to return empty boxes. If queried by QVC, blame it on the Post Office!

Ordered a piece of jewellery and was sent a completely different piece of jewellery, didn't like it so sent it back.

Ordered some OPI and was sent a Philosophy set instead worth about twice the price, kept that one :cheeky:

If you think about it us keeping things is making life a lot easier for QVC with less returns to process and less returns to count against you getting 'the letter' :giggle:


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I checked my online account a couple of years ago and found that I had been refunded for sending back a gold opal ring - which I loved and hadn't sent back. Very strange - don't know why that happened.


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I've never been sent a wrong item in all the years I have shopped with them (that's gone and done it...just a matter of time now!) but I have had damaged bottles where product has leaked into the box. CS said to send it back which was daft as bottle was empty and contents nicely mixed with the polystyrene 'quavers/wotsits' (or any other reputable in between meals snack) in the end they agreed and discounted the value of that item so I could keep the rest of the kit (was a TSV that had sold out).

I did actually get 2 of Mally's last TSV and only literally ordered one....saying no more for you! :happy:


Regarding keeping items, a few years ago I returned some hair straighteners which I found too heavy to use (QVC had given the incorrect weight in their description). They came with a brush, comb, clips for my hair etc., which I forgot to return with the straighteners. When I realised, I thought they'd contact me saying they couldn't refund until I'd sent back everything, but I heard nothing and got my money back (including p+p as they had misdescribed the item). Needless to say I kept the other items!

I don't blame anyone on here who has kept items that should have been returned - just thinking about all the threads concerning QVC's terrible CS and other problems forumites have had, they (QVC) deserve it in my opinion.

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