Whats the best items you have bought from TJC.


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Have to say that all of the stud earrings purchased from TJC are wonderful. Obviously the diamond and the tanzanite studs are really georgous and were at good prices but any studs from them have been lovely. Also love an unusual diamond shaped pendant in blue topaz which came with an unusual chain - brilliant - seen nothing like it anywhere.


Its a spade!
Mine has to be one of two things. I lovely Iliana Tanzy ring back in the early days. Its a lovely plain style - pear cut tanzy surrounded by accent diamonds that are lovely and white and sparkly. Or 1/2ct diamond earrings with no silly screw backs just good ole fashioned butterflies. I tend to wear the earrings at least 3 times each week and they are lush!


Mine has to be my wedding and engagement ring set, which is ILIANA yellow gold with 1ct of diamonds for £499 (quite a while ago now)

I also have a 1ct precision set diamond ILIANA ring which I got for £599.

One of my absolute favourites is a 17ct brilliant cut blue topaz solitaire ring in the most beautiful ornate setting (very heavy gold weight too) which I got in the falling price auctions online for £50.

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