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I thought these birthstone necklace and earring kits looked really nice:


...UNTIL I realised that the gemstone beads were already joined together in a chain, and all you have to do is attach the clasp and the earring fittings! C'mon - that's not making jewellery, that's attaching findings to ready-made jewellery. It would literally take less than 5 minutes to do it, and yet it wouldn't be much good as a gift for a total novice, as they'd still have to have jewellery pliers.

I'm quite disappointed, as I thought a kit where you had to do a bit of wirework with wrapped loops to join the beads together would have made a nice change from just stringing things on a wire. Of course I realise that I could make something like that for myself from separate components, using any beads; but kits are nice for gifts, and also good for taking on train and 'plane journeys etc. if you don't want to have to think about whether you've forgotten something.

So this is really by way of an appeal to JM.com to come up with some more varied kits, not all based around stringing but using some other techniques as well.


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Yes, I already realised the same thing! I even thought you can create this jewelry how you want it, but obviously you can not. Really sad, I wanted these jewelry :( I wanted to buy this kit to give it as a present for a friend. She likes to create something with her own hands. But not these jewelry!


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There are kits you can buy that you do make from scratch so you can create your own style or of course you can buy seperate strands and findings to do whatever takes your fancy

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