What's your saddest sad song?


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Jun 24, 2008
No particular reason but this 80's groove has just got to be one of the saddest ever..but in a good way. Lyrics not contrived or smaltzy in anyway imo top choon too!

I really hope she was wrong, you never find out, but you kinda know she's not :(
For some reason, Moon River (Andy Williams/Breakfast at Tiffany's) always makes me cry - even though I love it :what:

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Mine is 'You've got a friend - by James Taylor' this is because it was a song my best friend had played at her funeral when she died of Leukemia when she was just 40. Always makes me cry - but not because it is a sad song.
Wild Horses from The Stones and Hurt, the Johnny Cash version.
For personal reasons, The Flame by Cheap Trick tears me up inside.
Old Shep!!!!

Or The Rose but only sung by Bette Milder all other versions are total Sh*te!

I love The Rose by Bette - she has such great feeling in her voice - not necessarily the best voice in the world but the emotion is amazing.
Tears in Heaven by Eric Clapton, I played it when one of my dogs died a few years ago and every time I hear it, it is like he has died all over again and I fall apart again.
I have several,but 2 stand out for me---cats in the cradle--by Harry Chapin, and man of the world--by the original Fleetwood mac.

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