Where and why have the ladies gone ???


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There is now - November 2020 - only one regular female presenter on C&C namely Loen Love. Why is that?
All recently recruited presenters are male and far too many of them IMO

pyjama princess

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A couple of the women left around the same time.
I did see a new, quite young, female presenter the other day. I think she must have come from another shoping channel as she was on her own and new people usually have another presenter with them for their first few shows. Don't know what her name was and I don't think it was a show I recorded.


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The majority of missing women are of adult age suggests that excess female mortality across the developing world is not just the result of gender-biased parental preferences.


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I used to watch create and craft quite often years ago and used to love watching Dawn Bibby.
I have got a lot of stuff and even joined the club (still have the badge).I still peep in once in a while .
I wish they included envelopes with their card making kits.
Nowadays almost all of them use dies. I do not want anymore machines in my home:rolleyes:
I think they are for serious card makers who then sell their cards
Just give me kits with already scored images (with envelopes) and I will be very happy:D🌷🌷