Where has Anne Dawson gone ?


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Anne has said on her blog that she hasn't been on QVC since May due to illness but she will be back this weekend.

And unlike countless others has not gone into grim detail about her illness. Good for Anne! I for one am glad to know she's recovered and back at work. As long as QVC don't drive her down the road of the others - all that hard sell and ipad-itis - I find her a pleasure to watch.

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Just caught up with a few videos must say Anne seems to have returned looking well, hope she is actually as well as she appears. Long gone are the rats tail extensions and her hair is now a much nicer shade of honey blonde. which I do think is much more flattering than the peroxide white she had previously before being off.


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She's back and looking well! I like Anne, she comes across down to earth and fairly honest! :mysmilie_48:


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I'm glad to see her back as well. She's always a good laugh when she's on. Hope she's fully well and back to her old self.


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