Where has shoppingnation gone?

From what I can gather it is about to pretty much die. They have been looping some shows on youtube and their website. But it seems like maybe a cynical attempt to grab cash before they go under.

It seems Ballantyne has the kiss of death where TV ventures are concerned. I've been reading that he left lots of customers out of pocket when his craft channel died, and it appears he might be about to ruin plenty more Christmases again.
They have now posted on Facebook that 80% of their sales are from online presentations so therefore they've taken the decision not to continue on Sky which is fair enough
Nah I don't buy that excuse at all. So many times they encouraged viewers to go to the website to order. So how can they know how many people just used the website, and how many were directed there, but usually had the channel on in the background?

I know that I leave the shopping channels on in the background when I'm doing other things. I wouldn't ever consider leaving a channel on, on my laptop for example.

I still think they will be gone within a month or so.
I think there will always be a limit to the number of TV shopping channels a national market can support.

I notice on the news feed on shoppingtelly that QVC's owning company has bought HSN and is pruning away senior management, so not just in UK but also US it is probably inevitable that survival of the fittest will leave one or at best 2 generic shopping channels, with maybe some room for specialists.

When I saw the ShoppingNation statement, it immediately smacked of an excuse leading up to pulling the plug... and it will not be a surprise at all if even the website disappears in due course.
Just seen this on LinkedIn.

There is a statement on Facebook from shoppingnation stating that they have now ceased trading due to their owners having made a decision to concentrate more in Europe
Their owner being Ballantyne, who once again hides away while others do the talking? How does he get away with keep starting buisnesses, losing customers money, and then starting up again? Disgusting if you ask me. I wonder how many people lost money this Christmas? Not him I'll bet.
Just seen this on a516digital.com........ http://www.a516digital.com/2018/01/teleshopping-channel-shopping-nation.html

The latest shopping channel to broadcast from the former home of Bid TV has closed.

Shopping Nation, which was available on Sky until the week before Christmas continued with an online-only service between Christmas and New Year. Only last week, it had announced it would start accepting payments via Amazon Pay.

The channel confirmed on Twitter today that it had ceased trading, with customer orders either being fulfilled or refunded. The channel's assets are for sale.

Broadcast from studios in Acton Park, London, Shopping Nation has become the latest failed channel to have broadcast from the site.

Previously failed shopping channels from Acton Park include The Craft Channel, Speed Auction TV and perhaps most famously, Bid TV and Price-drop TV, which were abruptly pulled off air after a failed relaunch in 2014.
Debbie Greenwood had a really awful 2017, I hope things improve for her & she finds a project that lasts longer than the three things she's done since leaving the Q.
Debbie Greenwood had a really awful 2017, I hope things improve for her & she finds a project that lasts longer than the three things she's done since leaving the Q.

She would be off to a flyer by distancing herself from Julian Ballantyne. She is even defending him on Facebook, while he has been notably absent.