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... a UV vacuum cleaner is about as much as a chocolate fireguard for bedbugs as the they breed that fast and can survive ages without feeding and are expert at hiding away well out of sight and out of vacuum reach in the thinnest of cracks, under skirting, carpet and floorboards etc. If you get infested the only answer is professional help. I first encountered bedbugs in Malaysia. At first I thought I'd just scratched myself too vigorously until I spotted the wee beasties on a middle of the night comfort break. I tried spraying deet and other types of insect repellent to discourage them but nothing worked except sleeping with the room lights on. Be aware that they travel by hitching rides by hiding in luggage and when I returned from SE Asia I carefully emptied my luggage in the garage and looked everywhere in my bags, leaving the emptied luggage in quarantine for a month before bringing them inside. (^^^)

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