Why does moira c wear a weird mike?


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i Just noticed moira c is wearing one of those mikes that are taped to your face, normally theatre performers wear them on their forehead so as not to get in the way of costumes atc, moiras is more a flesh coloured brytney wanna bee mike, why is she wearing it?

Mrs James

aka bella battenburg
and with a name like Moira C.....She probably thinks she's a rapper
AKA P Biddy.


J'adore Labrador
P Biddy :18:

She never shuts up


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i was asking myself the same thing, watching her for approx 10 mins with howard, ive never seen her b4 cause i dont watch the fashion stuff much but she gives new meaning to the word 'hyper' OMG!!!! she was doin my head in!!!!! poor howard didnt get a word in edgeways, she never took a breath!!!! and those 'scarflaces' dont get me even started on them!!:11: and the mic i guess is cause she's forever moving stuff around her arms neck and torso, she would do our heads in even more cause the feedback from the mic would be unbearable..............well, not much difference then? maybe wearing her mic there would be a godsend!!!!!!!!:33:


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Has any one every tried these scarflaces! I wondered about getting one for my Mother for Christmas. But I dont want to waste my money.


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Has any one every tried these scarflaces! I wondered about getting one for my Mother for Christmas. But I dont want to waste my money.
Yes, I have got a few of the scarflaces and they are good. They way they are designed allows for them to be worn really nicely in a number of ways. In my opinion you can achieve a much better look - if you like wearing a scarf - with the scarflace than with an ordinary scarf.

I think that your mother will not be disappointed if you do decide to buy her one.


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Embarassingly enough, I've got one. I ordered a small plain bag from her and it came with a free scarflace..it was the animal print one, and it looks ok with a denim jacket, done up and doubled round, I have worn it hanging, but as I've got long hair it hides the hideous tacky gold fastenings. I've noticed that some of her scarflaces now have silver tone fastenings and don't look so bad, but as I wouldn't really wear it in any of those myriad styles, I'd rather just stick to wearing a regular scarf.....as for that "shirt front"..what's that all about? Yeah, it looks like a blouse until your jacket flies open, and if you want a nice blouse to go under a jacket...wear one...it's a lot easier!


J'adore Labrador
Yes, it was a bit odd when she kept saying you get seven blouses for £40 because they are blatantly not blouses, unless you like the revealing look! :11:

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