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I've always wondered what (if any) his gardening qualifications are - how he is able to produce his own brand of gardening products, where he trained and how many years experience he actually has. He never talks about his previous gardening life before QVC.


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I've always wondered what (if any) his gardening qualifications are - how he is able to produce his own brand of gardening products, where he trained and how many years experience he actually has. He never talks about his previous gardening life before QVC.
I have always wondered that I just cannot work out if he is Bill or Ben:mysmilie_8::mysmilie_454:


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The problem with the 'gnome' is that now Q have given him even more of an 'ego' by allowing him to have his 'own range' (read it as QVC range), that his taking it as carte blanche to be even more insufferable and boy his doing that to the hilt. I don't mind the gardening shows, indeed I have bought some plants from them, but it is just the way he makes jokes at the expense of the producer ('gross feeders' comes to mind), or the fact that he 'directs from the floor', I have said it before I don't know how he manages to get away with it, I can only think that it is because he thinks that because he has his own range that he can then do what he wants. No I think 'new broom' springs to mind!

He is on the Presenters Blog as a presenter, so he will be paid as one, and on top of that, QVC allows the various stuff with his name on, with no other competition from any other gardeners.

So how can the customers who rely on QVC for their shopping (due to be house bound or those who can only have items delivered to their houses) compare quality and price check other similar produce;

There should be a choice !

QVC are not being fair to their customers by not allowing them to have the choice of comparing gardening products from other gardeners.

Richard J dominates and has the SOLE monopoly ,nobody else, but only Richard sells!

These are the products he sells on QVC, I have searched them as best as I can, tried not to duplicate any as far as I can.

Richard Jackson's 60L Premium Advanced Formula Multi Purpose Compost........different types

Flower Power and Container Magic

Plant Invigorator kit

Slug & Snail Control 1.2kg Advanced Formula

Richard Jackson Complete Bird Nesting Kit (he sells birds food as another item)

Richard Jackson's 2.8kg Flower Power Premium Plant Food......different types, sizes etc

Richard Jackson's 5kg Premium Natural Fertiliser

Richard Jackson's Lawn Magic 5 Litre Grass Feed

Richard Jackson's Weedkiller.

Premium Plant Food & 480g Container Magic

Richard Jackson's Easy Flowers All in One Mix

Richard Jackson's Container Gardening Hardback Book.........:wonder:

Richard Jackson's 2x500ml Weedkiller Concentrate w/ 2L Battery Powered Sprayer

Richard Jackson's Flower Power 1.5kg Root Booster Tub

Premium Orchid Feed 500ml

Richard Jackson's Lawn Magic & Lawn Seed Care Kit

Richard Jackson's 600g Container Magic

Gosh, :mysmilie_466: just think of all the:cash::cash::cash::cash::cash::cash: money he makes

I have asked so many times .... why does he need another presenters with him :doh:

One of the girls at work taught me the term "chocolate fire guard" which I think fits Richard J.

He loiters around and when he does say anything, he says the same thing the guest has just said:headbang:

I cringe when he uses the phrase " woaaaa " sounding if he is awfully constipated !


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I feel exactly the same about the sunscreen woman.

I feel the same. She was alright in small doses , but as soon as the sun peeps out, she is promptly on QVC (sometimes I think, ever since she came on QVC, we have not had a decent summer:mysmilie_17:
You are so right Mr Tom ..this Abby or Abbie is also over exposed.

She seems to be on almost every other day as soon as we see the sun, she comes in Winter too, because we can get the harmful rays from the winter sun. or even if the sun is hidden.

Do you remember the time when she used to say that a one application was enough and the ASA was informed

those who were not here then can read the whole thing from here:

I always check on how these guests look after a few sales they seem more affluent as their products sell.

Abbie has always looked well groomed, but her dresses are more upmarket and her jewellery are unlike the plastic beads she used to wear in the early days.

The lady from Prai is the same.

The two sisters who sells the Camouflage Company items seem to do well also :happy:

There is a sale here , it might be worth a look .. to compare the prices( I have not checked the prices)



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My suggestion for a new RJ product - - -

Realistic miniature versions of him to use as real garden gnomes.

They would sell like hot cakes to his millions of fans.

How about inflatable 'spongy' type gnomes to be sold with non-lethal darts, so you can play a 'voodoo' garden party game :)


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Dear god not dog food as well what next shirley not womens products, there is lots of dosh to be made there dickie.

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