Wimbledon 2012

It's a shame Murray is so unlikable. It would great to have a British winner, especially in the Olympic year. It will be quite an achievement if he does it but I'll be rooting for Federer.

Remember how brilliant it was with Rhona Martin and her team? Everbody I knew was really excited and waited up to see them win.
Well not long to go now. It will make a change to watch a match where I have no preference as to who will win. I'm sure I'll still enjoy it.

Just read that it rained last night so the roof is on for now & another quote "If Andy Murray wins, he's British. If he loses, he's Scottish." lol

Wonder who Nadal is backing .... :grin:
Federa is boring and totally emotionless and I wonder what that says about his ardent supporters. Give me Murray any day a bit of temperament makes for exciting sport. Win or lose I still think he has made a great achievement getting to the final.
Oh dear, I can feel an illicit G & T coming on the way this match looks like going:)
I've only just switched on but have to applaud both players for the quality of tennis. Not a fan of either of them, but in this instance have to go with the local lad! But I'm sure if Federer wins, it will be deserved and memorable.

We have the Strawberries and cream standing by......:happy:......or is that Henley?
Well a small reward of £1.1 million to the winner and £575,00 to the runner up!
Not bad for two weeks work! :whew:
Well done Roger...............:mysmilie_378::mysmilie_378:

Andy put up a good fight early on in the match but he was looking tired. Very gracious in defeat too!
The match was never the same after the rain break.

Oh well, there we are - done & dusted for another year.