Yankee Candle TSV 27/6/19


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Mazza - suitably equipped with anti-tunnelling equipment, maybe you can take advantage of any tunnelling on favourite candles to create your own melts? I use those silicone fairy cake "wrappers" to mould excess wax into a melt (and actually usually leave them in to create less mess). It seems to work quite well.

If you have any outlet type places near you that sell Yankee, you may find that there are still melts you can pick up at a good price. I was at Boundary Mills at the weekend and picked up a couple more melts. They had a few "flavours" but significantly less than they would have in the past, so it's obvious that stocks are depleting steadily. It's a shame, but not surprising, once they brought in the melt cups and centerpieces that the writing was on the wall for the old melts (formerly known as tarts).


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The third drop of this TSV is allegedly on its way to me today, yay! I shall post re scents when I get them.

I noticed that there are tealights for them but no tarts so I am planning to buy wax addicts crumble pots which they have in these scents and which Andi has used successfully. I hate their website though, it seems very unhappy, if not unstable, on an iPad or an android. Well on mine at least!
I received mine today and am underwhelmed to say the least - Camellia Blossom smells of virtually nothing (all on cold sniff, to clarify), Sunny Daydream is like every other fresh & floral candle they can't think of a true to life name for (although it is reminiscent of Sunwashed Linen, one of my much-missed faves) and Homemade Herb Lemonade is also very insipid. I was hoping for Raspberry Sorbet and Afternoon Escape in the trio, but let's hope they burn more strongly than they smell.


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i remember Rosa doing a video of what we were going to get but they have been removed & i wonder if thats connected to it
Think you're spot on there, SCW - like Mazza, I was expecting Afternoon Escape and I probably would have cancelled the AD if I'd know what was being sent out.


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Well they have arrived and I too got Camellia Blossom (haven't they done that before, also as Champaca Blossom?). Anyway, mine are not too cold for some reason, must have been near the van's heater! The CB I can smell quite clearly, pleasant floral. Sunny Daydream, stronger and more perfumed, in fact I may have had a perfume rather like it once! Herby lemonade, emphasis very much on the herby and less on the lemons I feel. Maybe the lemon will come through when it is lit? Mind you I burnt Sicilian Lemon this summer and could smell nothing much at all. I am happy as they are all fresh/floral, thanking goodness the substitution didn't bring a foodie into the mix.


Surely only as long as they have a nice and detectable scent?
ive always got a strong fragrance from every yankee candle me & mum have ever had & we still do though the home inspirations ones from the supermarkets are terrible & cant even be compared to the housewarmer ones

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