Yarvik tablet for under £100.


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Watching Charlie Mc Cardle, and few minutes ago he said the Yarvik tablet will be available at 5 0'clock for under £100, with just two payments of 40 odd quid!
Seems too good to be true to me. I think he either dropped a clanger, or is it a lie? Aren't they usually around £200. Can't wait to see.

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Depends on the screen size and its specification as to whether or not it's a bargain. I'm fairly sure I saw a Yarvik 7" tablet advertised for £99.99 when I was in a Maplin store last weekend although this offer isn't on their website currently. (Most of the cheap Yarviks on the Maplin website are customer returns I think.)


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Although it pains me to say it's actually a good deal as it has the play store and a mini HDMI which are both often missing on this level of tablet.

I suppose even Bid must have the odd decent deal!


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The promo at a quarter to five also mentioned a 16gb micro SD card. Any mention of that in the presentaton?


the yarvik tablet is actually ok especially for the price

if i had to buy something from bid for the price they charge this may be it


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This from the Bid.tv Facebook page:

Did someone say a 7" Tablet for £89.99!!

Enjoy a world of Entertainment in the palm of your hand with Yarvik Luna 7" Tablet! Available to Buy Now for £89.99 or on TV with 2 Easy Buy payments of £44.99*! Tune in 5pm, 9pm, & 12am - http://ow.ly/fv7f7 (*http://ow.ly/fv7jT)

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My guess is that they've acquired a load of these tablets which have effectively been made obsolete by the Google Nexus series, therefore it's your chance to snap up last year's technology at this year's price* whilst stocks last. Just buy!!! :wink:

*plus £7.99 p&p+£1.53 phone call

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