YBF Cosmetics Returns to UK


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YBF Cosmetics is returning to UK screens, it will be on Ideal World.

First show is Tuesday 22nd October at 3pm.


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Wow! I thought it had sunk without trace! I like Stacey; but Ideal World's presenting style might make it an exhausting hour to watch!

I'll watch it anyway :mysmilie_19:

Not much to see on the website but they should go live shortly.


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Attempted to watch but I could not cope with the presenter, by the time I switched off Stacey had not been on air.


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I remember when she first went to IW when Q dumped her the first time.
Ellis Ward was the presenter and they got the price totally wrong. Even Stacey seemed shocked on the Pick of the Day launch.
Next morning the price had reduced by around a tenner IIRC.
The brand was back on Q not long after and I'm sure I read somewhere that Stacey said that IW were an absolute nightmare to deal with.
I do like Stacey though, so it's kind of nice to see that she's back.

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Wonder how long for this time?


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Nice to see Stacey on air again but it's still exhausting to watch for more than a few minutes. I'm afraid Denise's make up looked frightful last night and Stacey seemed to have highlighter all over her face. Another plus-point Stacey doesn't appear to have had work done and is aging "normally" (though I'm not expert at spotting the procedures to be fair).

I notice Stacey has brought model Joy (Jocelyn?) on air with her this morning. I'm not buying, the range hasn't really evolved and I still have a few bits and bobs that don't get used.


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I shall have a look out for this. I liked Stacy, and admired the fact (on Q at least) that she actually started bare-faced, and the proceeded throughout the show, with the advertised products in the correct order, to end up with a fully made-up face. It was educational and entertaining. She always had a wonderful rapport with the models. Sadly no Amica but if she's got Joy modelling with her, that's a positive move, IMO.


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Not a fan of the brand, I did buy way back when she first appeared on QVC and just was not impressed.

But the brand is loved by so many so great that they are able to buy it again

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