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03-02-2014, 12:09 AM
802826. Frcinni by spiceway 4x50g fruit infusions, 16.62 + 3.95 p+p. If you go on the official spiceway website, each 100g pack costs 4.75 and, whatever size the order, delivery is 3.95. So for 4 x 100g bags from the website, the cost is 19.00 + 3.95, a total of 22.95, for 400g of fruits. QVC total cost 20.57 for 200g of fruits. So an extra 2.38, gets you double the amount of product. A no brainer, methinks. The only plus, and this is where the Q comes up trumps for me, is the 30 day MBG. Even so, I wouldn't pay their price.