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    Aww, thank you, Bluebell. Have a lovely weekend! WS xxx
    Hope your first day at work goes well for you, BB. Best of luck and I'm sure you will make a great success of it.
    Lots of love, Yo. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Hi Bluebell.

    Hope you and your hubby have a lovely weekend. Hope all is good with you and your business plans are all going well.

    Love and hugs to you always Love Dazzler! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Hi Bluebell

    I was just thinking about you as I was reading the Easypay voucher thread. Im alot better thank you . Hope you are okay too. Love and hugs Dazzler! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    have a wonderful weekend Bluebell xx
    goodnight Bluebell xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    hi BB, thanks so much, I really appreciate your friendship and support.
    Lots of love, Yo. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Thank you Bluebell. I try my best, but I know I cant please everyone. I so enjoy reading your posts and sometimes think shell I pm you to see how you are doing.

    I can imagine you will have a lot to organise indeed as its a big thing with a new business, but very exciting at the same time. Dont be scared though I have a feeling this is going to be a very big success and I am sending you positive vibes and love to make it all come together.

    I have not long been awake actually as I had to dragged myself to do food shop with hubby with a pounding head and earache! I certainly looked washed out so was glad I didnt see anyone I knew on my travels lol. I have done what you said and got out my spot on, I could feel it was helping to clear my nose and throat

    Have a fab week and keep me informed as to how you are doing Love Dazzler! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.
    Hello Bluebell

    Its late but this is here for you when you get it tomorrow. I have been meaning to send you a message all day. Here I am now. I just wanted to say I wish you all the success with your new business venture if anyone deserves to do well its you.

    Hope you and your hubby are both okay. I always think about you but dont want to be a nucisance ( spelling) and be bothering you

    Love and hugs Dazzler! xxxxxxxxx

    off to bed now as I have bad sore throat - been gargling with salt water felt pretty rough over the past few days but I guess it will go in its own time, and Im happy enough! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Hi Bluebell,

    sorry to see your mood says lonely xxxxxxxxxx Hope you are okay xxxxxxxxx
    Hi Bluebell Oh goody I started your birthday thread early cos I was not to be here for it with going out. Had a fab night but feet are killing me lol.

    Enjoy the rest of your birthday love Dazzler! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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