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Hello Eileen, Remember me from way back. Hope you and the family are all keeping well. Thought of our days on here many times lately. Take care, regards Viv {Silversurfer}
Get this with free delivery. Will last AGES! This is 1 litre. I got 500 ml and still have 2/3 left. Having cleaned my windows every week.



Get the microfibre cloths on Amazon. Can get a whole pile of them for £5. Go for the white ones. They won't colour run in your washing machine!
Hi Caretodiffer, sorry no it wasn't me. I think the person is no longer a member or stopped posting. I cannot remember their name though
Donna, in the early days there was someone here, who used to inform us of the harmful ingredients in bath , shampoo and beauty stuff.... I was wondering if it was you. If it was, will you please continue doing it :)

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