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    What has happened to Dawn Bibby?

    I look forward to Tuesday and Fridays and always set to record her programmes, but she hasn't been on for a couple of weeks. Is she poorly? I hope not!
  2. Diane

    Dawn Bibby Leaving

    I've just heard Dawn is leaving Create and Craft at the end of the month. This is the lady who started me crafting many years ago, and now I have a huge stash of craft bits to prove it! It wont be the same without her, but I'm sure we all wish her lots of luck in her new ventures. :mysmilie_520:
  3. Diane

    how much postage?

    Can anyone please tell me how much postage for 2 items on C&C. The website mentions 1 item and multi, but nothing about 2 items. Is it going to be £2.99 x 2 ?
  4. Diane


    Yep, it's the same yet again, every year - can't they think of anything new?
  5. Diane

    Polti iron pick of the day!

    I am looking for a good steam iron, so was interested to see this one. I checked on the net to see if I could find it cheaper - and without the board costs just £50, so why am I going to pay double that? I dont need another ironing board.
  6. Diane

    Craft Pick of the day

    Am I missing something? these lovely cards but how on earth is one supposed to give them, obviously they wont go into envelopes (not that any are offered), so how about a box? but no, none of those either, and at £2 each......hmmmm what are we supposed to do? stick them in a carrier bag?
  7. Diane

    Oreck tsv

    Did I miss something...where are the tools? all that dosh and no tools!
  8. Diane

    Postage (again)

    Have they put their postage up again? (as if it wasn't high enough before!) How can they get away with it, there are so many cheaper sites on the internet, I often use those instead. I can't believe people are happy to pay their silly prices, they dont' deserve any buisness!::angry:
  9. Diane

    Sammy 4 day deal jooouge

    I was temped by this but after trying the icing last time and returning that (I love his curl shampoo set) I thought I'd check the reviews which are mixed.
  10. Diane

    craft TSV

    Why can't they do it on easy pay - especially as it's getting near to Christmas. I can't justify almost £40 right now.:31::31:
  11. Diane

    xmas gifts!

    I've just been watching Debbie Greenwood (now don't get me wrong, I like her lots) but really Debbie would you want a screwdriver for Christmas? telling us your husband would love one for christmas - I bet he wouldn't. Why on earth do you think men would? That's like saying you must buy woman...
  12. Diane

    super fast delivery!

    I only ordered some craft stuff yesterday afternoon was delivered this morning - less than 24 hours later, well impressed!!!! Thanks QVC!:1:
  13. Diane


    Just to warn others so you don't make the same mistake that I made...... If you join the Create and Craft club do not order items on Ideal World site as you wont be entitled to your discount (you must order on the C & C website to get the discount - the fact that C & C website is c*** is just...

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