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    Qurio promo

    I don't like being called a 'lovely lady,' And 'my lovely' is even worse. The people who join Quirio will be dumped, I should think, if they don't make positive comments, such as 'phenomenal.'
  2. Grizelda

    I've had enough of.....

    Doesn't she have a nice singing voice ? BA, I mean.
  3. Grizelda

    E-Mail: Is my style in a rut!

    Exorbitant. I doubt if this German store will get much British business.
  4. Grizelda

    E-Mail: Is my style in a rut!

    Alison looked nice in Gok's black jacket, but she wears practically everything well. However, it was puckering on the hem due to faulty 'tailoring'. 'Tailoring', my elbow ! Gok, himself, looked good in his long black coat and black trousers. If he copied the jacket, I think it would sell...
  5. Grizelda

    E-Mail: Is my style in a rut!

    I live 'off the map' and I wish I had access to these shops. I can buy from QVC Italy, but the quality is lacking. I can also order from M&S Italy and I buy their underwear. Now that Britain is out of the EU, anything I buy online from Britain is subject to tax when it is delivered by the post...
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    E-Mail: Is my style in a rut!

    It's so important to be able to try something on and if it doesn't fit, go back to the rail in the shop and try on a different size. I don't want the disappointment of ordering a piece of clothing from QVC only to realize I should have gone up or down a size. Stuck with the wrong size and...
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    Not 'dun' but 'fun' !
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    Christma Grot(to)

    Waterford crystal tree decoration would be out of this world beautiful. Swarovski as well. I'd go for those along with the lights if the lights were colourless.
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    Christma Grot(to)

    The only Christmas decoration I like is a real tree alight with electric bulbs. Or, if not real, a good replica. However, I can understand the nostalgia and fond memories that go along with Christmas baubles. I just don't have any pleasant memories or baubles to go with them !
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    Just a bit of dun, Lemonpop
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    Long ago, QVC sold 'blue' topaz. The topaz had been colour treated from clear to blue. They stopped selling it because the blue colour faded over time.
  12. Grizelda


    She must mean that a lurker is someone who hovers around and waits for someone not to confirm their order so that they can jump in and get the item. But then again, she may not mean this.
  13. Grizelda

    Helene Berman

    Are you saying that Helene Berman produces two distinctly different qualities ? Where does she cut corners for the QVC items ? She mentions that she uses fabrics and trimmings specially made in Italy and France which leads one to believe they are high quality. However, I have heard her...
  14. Grizelda

    I've received my statement ! ! !

    Hey, big spender!
  15. Grizelda

    Helene Berman

    Helene Berman (the lady herself!) must be referring to a generic customer. It's an affectation.

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