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  • Thanks Ceri, didnt even know the forum had been gobbled up into cyberspace until today, not been on for a few days.
    Good on you for booking more holidays. Don't worry about paying for them just enjoy looking forward to them. I tend to worry about that sort of thing when I need to.

    Did someone mention housework? Shudder I thought we'd lost the site again there for a few hours this afternoon. Glad we are back again. x
    Well knock me down with a feather, it's gone!!!!!

    You must have magic powers! :eek:

    Housework?!!! Are you mad, woman?! :eek: :D


    Nooooo, I still have it and have tried everything. Driving me bonkers too.
    Which is quite an achievement! (not...:p)
    Did we crash again, or was it just me.....? lol

    Lordy...that's very scary stuff...it could have been something as simple as an unchecked virus. I'll keep my fingers crossed that everything is set for a full recovery now.

    L xxx
    I'm fine thanks Ceri. Glad you had a good time - knew you would! As you say whether you are a great fan Bon Jovi have certainly got staying power and are still able to draw a huge crowd. I bet your cruise was fantastic and it's so hard to get back to work and reality. Yuk! You'll have to book another holiday to look forward to.
    I'm so pleased everything is looking good for your niece Ceri...it must have been such a nightmare. Keep us uptodate with her recovery. I'm fine ta.

    Les xxx
    Hi Ceri, How was the holiday and the Muse concert? Hope you had a lovely time. I haven't been on here for a while but it's good to be back. You look lovely in your avatar presume that was on your hols. Take care, Lesley aka icebubble. x
    Thanks for asking me to be one of your friends. Hope all well your end. Glad to have the forum operating once again, felt lost without it.
    Take care
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