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    Anyone else noticed.......

    Eilidh's "all right" when she moves on to a new item does my head in
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    Cook's Essentials TSV 13/04/21

    Was hoping to get some PFOA free pans but Cooks Essentials still using PTFE Come with a warning not to keep pet birds in the kitchen when using them (they are sensitive to the chemicals in the non-stick surface when they break down (as...
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    Huh ! Being Off Air Didn't Last Long

    I think they're OKish. She suffered horrid press in the UK and racism played a part. She is 7-8 months pregnant so wont be able to fly anyway. Chaotic and dysfunctional family and I don't have a good word for any of them except the queen. Don't get me on Price Andrew!
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    Michael Perry's Garden TSV 12/04/21

    Thoughts on getting these. I have had some hit and miss with QVC plants. I bought loads of container plants (geraniums etc) from my local nursery last week but can't plant out because the weather is so cold. I still have a couple of pots to fill
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    Tweak'd TSV 26/3/21

    Josh Wood is good for dyed hair and usually you can get a discount on it directly from their sit or go to Boots use Boots points. The masque is very good. Also it's cruelty free.
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    15/03/21 - 21/03/21 Big Deals

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    Monsoon TSV 18/3/21

    I think the focus on beauty shows where the money is. The move online is timely and I don't think they will be going anywhere for a very long time (unfortunately). I rarely watch QVC live and use the website more
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    Tan Luxe 8/4/21

    I use Tax Luxe (light). Couple of drops into an oil twice a week for my face only. Gives me a little colour and stops me looking tired and washed out for the endless Zoom calls. Just don't go crazy with the number of drops or how often you do it otherswise you can start to turn orange. CBA with...
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    Gotham Steel TSV 10/3/21

    wood burning outdoor one from Argos about 3 years ago
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    Easy Pay advance warning

    I like them for try before you buy and then I aim to get back before the second payment, or if I am not sure about an item, and think I might not use and send straight back to get my p and p back eg trainers
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    08/03/21 - 14/03/21 Big Deal Prices

    Completely agree I do use Neom candles as vegetable wax and cruelty free, but they're too expensive. I prefer my Neom diffuser and oils (Tisserland cheaper and cruelty...
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    Tarte TSV 09/03/21

    I put in Tarte and it told me light or light neutral. I use BM light/fair light or vanilla in the complexion rescue (wheat in the summer when I use tan luxe drops). Try this
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    Dannii Minogue Petite Fashion TSV 8/3/21

    thought the same - I am small at the shoulders but bigger at the hips. It says jersey. Maybe I endure the pain of the show. Any ideas who is presenting
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    Gotham Steel TSV 10/3/21

    Wish it did pizzas. I want an outside oven that I plug in. Sick of my wood pizza oven (Argos) burns every time and such a faff. Don't want to pay out for an Ooni. Just want something I can place on a table and dish up. Will be spending a lot of time outside this year (regardless of weather - I...
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    Tarte TSV 09/03/21

    some colours have already gone

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