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    happy Birthday Darls Hope you are having a fabulous day with lots of pressies and cards xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Hi Darls! Thanks very much for the Birthday Greeting, I had a lovely day, Thank you, Pam xx
    You take no notice most people are only jealous of you when they are nasty and they get a kick out of it cos they are sad!"!!!!, you stay the way you are kind warm and caring. I for one think you are are one of the most nicest people on this forum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Awww love and hugs to you Darls, dont be miserable cos you are so special xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Awwww, Darls thanks for all the lovely comments on the photos - haha, you fancy Mr KK a bit, you noodle!

    You know I fell in love with Cameron years ago (I think it was your description of the shop "lifting" ;) ) ......

    Sara x
    Thank you Darls and you are such a lovely kind person for saying that. xxxxxxxxxxx
    Hi Darls,

    just popping in to say hello and I hope you are still enjoying your newish job. Hope that you and your family are all ok, and you are looking as glam as ever! Take care. Much Love love Dazzler! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Hi Darl,
    Can you advise me which would be the best to use either the tarts or the blocks as i have an electric burner so not sure as to which will be better because at the moment i am using the yankee tart but find them not too good as the frangrance dont last and as the holder is deep so wondering which will be better in respect of when it liquifies
    Hi Darls
    Sorry but dont seem to know how to do a private thread.
    I was wondering when you will have any baby powder tarts as it says you sold out.
    New at this so still trying to get around the site lol
    Happy Easter to you too Darls my lovely friend xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Hi darls

    Sorry - I must have posted for loopy at the same time as you on the birthday thread xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Hope you are okay.
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