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    Fashion On Friday With... a velvet balloon dress

    How could she forget being a girlfriend when she's only just become a her sixties! I remember when the comments were made about her wearing boots as a wedding guest and her explaining that because of the journey delay she hadn't the time to change footwear. Yeah, right!!!
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    Skechers TSV 18/12/20

    And Ms Julie flaahs with her stately abode.
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    Ruth Langsford New Range

    Nor mine. The celeb/film star interviews when she always asks if she can be their next leading lady, Bond girl, backing singer, backing dancer are now tiresome and predictable.
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    Just go......

    She is the Donald Trump of QVC leading her cult followers.
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    Social Media - That was an eyeopener

    And there was me thinking that one of the younger presenters had posted the remark, obviously not then.
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    You know me.......

    Has Julia bought one? It's hard to tell.
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    Pantomime Time

    My comment on this outfit is on the Julia Robert's thread.
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    Julia Roberts

    Is this from the lady who is wearing what looks like a shower curtain with buttons on it?
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    Oh my word

    I think someone has been reading our comments about their dress style because Chunts is making more of an effort than her usual 'ready for spud-picking' look. And last night Deb F. had ditched the choker pearls. They haven't got to the lower leg area..yet.
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    Oh my word

    Agreed, but to be fair it isn't their personal choice when they're getting paid to be seen in the brand's outfits.
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    White Stuff on QVC 17/09/20 at 2pm

    Usually generous, Lati.
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    Charlie Brook

    Dale is more low key these days because usually when I see him on he's stuffing his face, wether Andi Peters is with him or not.
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    Social Media - That was an eyeopener

    That will give you a good clear out, Strato! Think positive..your milk's turned into bio yogurt.
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    Sarah Chapman TSV 12/10/20

    John Lewis are selling it as well for £128 with a smaller tube of the same cleanser, but with free postage and a longer guarantee. Can't try and return, though.
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    Annie Haak TSV 4/11/20

    Overpriced silver jewellery from Bali (I think?), A. Haak mentions Bali a lot.

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