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    When I was 9 my mother cut my very long straight hair, which is still straight as a dye today, to just below my ears and then gave me a Twink perm which shrunk my hair further up my head! My dad was so upset and took me out for the day, I can still recall every boy on the top deck of the bus to...
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    Dressage by Paul Costelloe Wednesday 27th October

    There have always been a lot of Paul Costelloe bags and purses and that kind of thing in TK Maxx. Plenty of them in there at the moment gearing up for Christmas, and reasonably priced for nice quality.
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    The Huntely - where has she gone ?

    She may have been let-go from presenting on air for now and working behind the scenes in another position, possibly. Catherine is much stronger than she makes out.
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    Home Reflections TSV 18/10/21

    The fact that they cost over £91 including p&p was enough for me even if they did look nice. And finding the space to store them for the best part of a year. They will also be pricey to return if you changed your mind.
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    Bundleberry by Amanda Holden TSV 16/11/21

    Marrying Les, who was a big star at the time, got her out of the chorus line.
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    Kim & Co TSV 15/10/21

    Kim has probably had much of her income from UK customers depleted not only from travel restrictions but also from Ruth L's growing success on Q's fashion ladder. She will be more excited than usual if she does make an appearance.
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    New Presenters

    What an awful time Sarah and her family have gone through, really sad. How dreadful to lose both her parents like that and so cruel. The poor girl.
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    Alison Cork

    Gosh, hope he has if only for health reasons.
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    Alison Cork

    Alison has lost 4 stone, and that will definitely alter the shape of her face. But if she has had an extra something, she's looking good on it.
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    Davina Update

    On a recent Dragons Den, Sara was giddy over some fitness gear and said that on QVC the fitness equipment was a big seller and that they can't keep it in stock.
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    Frank Usher

    According to the lovely June, F.U fashion is "oot-cootoor" and not tat.
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    From George Clooney down

    Don't think Charlie would have been bothered by what Tova said. Most things go over his head anyway.
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    Kelly Hoppen Home Designs TSV 17/09/21

    And me! I'll have to banish my Buddhas to a cupboard now.
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    I've had enough of.....

    AH is meant to be the highest paid female 'artist' on TV in the country. A few hols' here and there won't put much of a dent in her salary. Not that any of them on the tele would say no to a freebie, in sleb-world money makes more money because they would never want to return to their roots.
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    JM By Julien Macdonald Fashion TSV 05/10/21

    I know, thank you. I've already posted that my lightbulb did light up later than usual.

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