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    402129 Squat Magic Exerciser

    It's funny when the American sales video for a fitness contraption usually has an outdoor "backyard" the size of a British park and an Olympic size swimming pool but somehow they need indoor equipment. Probably for when they have rain twice a year.
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    £10,000 necklace but still a fiver for postage

    Did it really sell out, good heavens? Good luck to anyone who tries to return it and not getting refunded after three weeks, then making a panicked 'phone call to customer service who calmly say they've not received it yet! I tried to see the QVC stamp on the close up but didn't spot it.
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    Telephone orders

    Sadly, that's how they do it. And the victims who were owed the money rarely get it back.
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    Thanks, Strato. So funny. We all belong to Confused-dot-com!!
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    Roberto From RFM Jewellery Has Died

    How awful. Thanks SCW, for letting us all know the sad news. R.I.P Roberto.
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    Blimey !

    Kathy and her husband have a motorhome, I think, so maybe they've been travelling in that without needing to fly anywhere for a bit of sun.
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    Help...what was the brand?

    I think one of the bigger brands bought out Prescriptives but I can't remember which one. It could gave been Estee Lauder or Elizabeth Arden at the time or one of the other companies, and they said they would continue some of the products but they never did. Some of the Prescriptives makeup was...
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    Nina Leonard Fashion Designs TSV 10/07/20

    More to the point, why did the buyers agree to it when it's so awful? Isn't the fashion industry trying to stop us buying throw-away garments and reduce the landfill? The dress is a bit similar to a style Melania Trump wears...only a bit though.
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    Social Media - That was an eyeopener

    That green Roman dress Ruth is wearing in the pic looks very similar to the last tsv 'design' she was flogging on Q, hers were in plain colours and a cheapish looking material. Or am I totally wrong?
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    Beauty : Expensive Quality

    You can also buy #2 and #8 from Boots and #9 from Marks&Spencer. I'm using the Neutrogena Hydro Boost moisturiser at the moment (for dry skin) and it's very good, one pump of the gel is all that's needed for the whole face.
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    Attitude By Renee TSV 16/03/20

    It's too early for an April fool joke, QVC., if you seriously want us to believe that after today those two very standard dresses, unlined and not even made a cooler fabric, deserve the higher price of £90 incl. P&P.!! Pull the other one!
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    Dr. Hillary (off ITV/Lorraine) has a video how to make your own sanitizer to carry in a travel bottle if you can't wash hands with soap. I've made some up and keep it in the car.
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    No matter how fit and active we are at the moment, as we age your immune system isn't as strong as it was with each decade and that's why we're more vulnerable after 70. They keep saying this is far more serious than any previous viruses or flu and can develop into a very nasty condition. None...
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    My husband's first response this morning when I told him about the 4 month home isolation was "but how will I get my grass-cuttings to the Tip if we're not allowed out?" Men!!!
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    Social Media - That was an eyeopener

    You are absolutely right Shopper, it IS for the attention and one of her phases such as the belly-dancing course, learning Welsh, the expert beauty course etc., etc. As for it being necessary to learn signing before it's too late..that's nonsense and quite insulting to people who cope daily with...

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